VTA Calcoferrit®

VTA Calcoferrit®


Endlich aufatmen - mit VTA Calcoferrit

VTA Calcoferrit®, the easy-to-use, efficient and organic odour blocker.

EFFICIENT The innovative system solution is organic, sustainable and reliable. VTA Calcoferrit® is up to 40% more efficient than conventional products.

MULTIPLE EFFECTS The product removes odours and prevents the development of new smells. The power solution prevents corrosion and thus reduces maintenance expense for the sewer system. At the same time it optimises the waste water quality.

COST-EFFECTIVE & SIMPLE VTA Calcoferrit® proves effective wherever odours may escape. With an optional control engineering system, automatic dosage can be implemented. The value for money is fair and VTA offers customized service packages.

ONE INNOVATION, MANY BENEFITS. Smells from waste water systems and sewers are a problem. Not only are they annoying they may even be harmful to health. It also suppresses the development of biogenic sulphuric acid that can cause corrosive damage of the sewage system, and thereby helps to reduce the costs of maintenance and repair significantly.

By preventing anaerobic conditions, metabolic pathways are cut off that would normally lead to the development of substances with a very strong smell. Another component removes existing smells. Even substances introduced later through other pathways are neutralised. In many cases, the use of VTA Calcoferrit® even makes control engineering superfluous.

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VTA Calcoferrit® combined with the VTA underground tank and the H2S sonde

The VTA underground tank is the best way to store and dispense VTA system products for odor control.


Bad odors from the sewerage and concrete corrosion on the infrastructure are effectively eliminated and prevented  by the highly effective "Smellkiller" from VTA, such as VTA Calcoferrit®. Especially in the area of ​​pumping stations, the question arises as how the system products can optimally be stored and dosed. 


The solution is the VTA underground tank, a double-walled storage tank made of polypropylene in different sizes from 1 - 3 m3. Thanks to its corrugated profile, the outer wall is particularly resistant and can reliably withstand pressure loads from the soil. The gap is monitored with a leak probe. 


The technical devices are housed in the maintenance shaft and therefore always easily accessible. The dosage of the products is made by using the most modern diaphragm dosing pumps.


For the equipment of the plant different options are available. Thus, for example, a continuous level measurement and / or overfill protection can be selected. The filling takes place either directly via the service opening or via a separately installed filling line.


In addition, VTA offers the option of remote monitoring and control via H2S monitoring: dosing is controlled online via the H2S server (H2S probe, GPS terminal).

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