VTA Biosolit®

The new universal tool for wastewater treatment - VTA Biosolit®

The intelligent all-in-one solution

VTA Biosolit

All good things come in single containers

VTA Biosolit® causes the formation of compact floc, thanks to an organic, entirely biocompatible charge carrier based on naturally regenerating substances. It greatly improves the sludge volume index and speeds up sedimentation.
VTA Biosolit® acts as a bioactivator in the treatment plant: it stimulates the microorganisms in the biocoenosis of the activated sludge to become more active and so significantly increases their biodegrading capability. VTA Biosolit® also contains a readily available external source of carbon and so increases denitrification. Filamentous bacteria - the main causes of bulking sludge and scum - are effectively overcome and strongly smelling substances (sulphur compounds) are bound to the product.
VTA Biosolit® is the perfect all-in-one product, impressive for its long-lasting effect, and for being economical to use and environmentally friendly. A further advantage is that it is straightforward and easy to use compared with dosing a solid material.

Precipitation of phosphates

Compact, stable floc

Sludge loading

Increased sedimentation

Increased neutralising capacity

pH stabilisation

Sulphur binding

And all in a single product.


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