VTA Biocitran®

VTA Biocitran®

The future of sludge dewatering

VTA Biocitran

VTA Biocitran® delivers sustainable cost savings in sludge dewatering.

VTA Biocitran® is a high performance product specifically developed to improve sludge dewatering. The product, which is based on an innovative development with selected additives, ensures increased drainability, better floc stability and visibly clearer filtrate.
Inspired by the TCA cycle the product provides a stable and enhanced cleaning performance, is biologically fully compatible and guarantees a safe and rapid phosphate precipitation.
VTA Biocitran® consists of a combinated precipitant and bioactivator that results in increased C and N degradation through cell stimulation, providing enhanced drainage properties, more stable flakes and an extremely clear, clean centrate or filtrate.


VTA Biocitran® is used for sludge dewatering after sludge digestion. It is recommended that the product is dosed at a turbulent point ahead of the dewatering equipment to ensure good mixing and optimum product performance.

Enhances dewatering:

  • Improvement of dewatering properties
  • Augments polymer performance
  • Produces clearer, cleaner filtrate

Improve sludge properties:

  • Increases dry solids content
  • Reduces polymer demand

Coagulant system:

  • Strengthens floc structure for greater floc stability
  • Increases floc density

Possible combinations with VTA mudinator®

The combination of VTA Biocitran® with the VTA mudinator® sets a new benchmark in sludge dewatering.


Dosing VTA Biocitran® into the digested sludge, prior to treatment with ultrasound,
produces a synergetic effect – the digested sludge can be effectively dewatered and the consumption of polymer can be even more reduced.

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