How bad smells from the sewerage are stopped

Hot summer has also its downsides: many sewers are affected by penetrating stench. This is due to digestion processes in wastewater, which are increased by high temperatures and drought. The company VTA has already eliminated the persistent problem in many European cities with its "smell blockers".

In many town halls the phones run hot: citizens are complaining about the tremendous smell coming from the sewer. The fact that it stinks like rotten eggs, is due to the hydrogen sulfide, which arises in the sewer network - especially in summer, when everyone likes to be outdoors. Heat, hardly any rain, less wastewater and oxygen shortage in the pipes are the causes.


Remedy is reliably feasible: VTA Group develops innovative and complete solutions to the widespread problem. The products are used at various points in the sewer system, to remove existing odours accordingly or ensure that the stench does not even arise. Different active mechanisms on a biological basis kill not only hydrogen sulfide odours, but also other high-grade and even poisonous stink bombs.


The "smell blockers" have been successfully deployed in many European cities and communities, each of them completely customised by VTA and supervised by competent technicians.


These one-stop solutions are highly efficient and extremely easy to use. On demand, measuring, control and metering technology, which promptly reacts when the first traces of hydrogen sulphide are produced in the sewer system, is also available: the corresponding system product is then immediately and fully automatically dosed into the sewer and any bad smell is prevented right from the start.


"The controversial topic of sewer odours in the cities - especially during summer - is nowadays easily controlled from a scientific and practical point of view through competent planning and targeted use of technologies", explains the wastewater expert Prof. Dr.-Ing , Matthias Barjenbruch, Head of the Department of Urban Water Management at TU Berlin.


"Our sewer odour solutions are suitable for both smaller towns and large cities. They prove to be highly effective in practice, with low costs, "emphasises VTA Managing Director Ing. Dr. h. c. Ulrich Kubinger.

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