Measurement of lipase activity

With point precision against filamentous bacteria

Special VTA products inhibit the activity of lipase, an enzyme that filamentous microorganisms need to destroy lipophilic substances in wastewater, that is to say, for their functional metabolism. These VTA system products thus curb the growth of filamentous bacteria and are extremely well suited to combat bulking sludge and scum. The effectiveness of a product depends on the general conditions at the point of use. A measurement of lipase activity can show which special product from VTA’s wide product range most effectively curbs the growth of filamentous bacteria in a given area of application and is therefore best suited for quick and certain results. The measurement of lipase activity through ELF techniques (enzyme-labeled fluorescence) is offered exclusively by VTA.

Die Wirksamkeit der einzelnen Produkte hängt von den jeweiligen Rahmenbedingungen ab. Durch Messung der Lipaseaktivität kann festgestellt werden, welches Spezialprodukt aus der breiten VTA-Palette im konkreten Anwendungsfall das Wachstum von Fadenbakterien am effektivsten hemmt und somit am schnellsten und sichersten zum Erfolg führt.
Die Messung der Lipaseaktivität mittels ELF-Technik (enzyme-labeled fluorescence) wird ausschließlich von VTA angeboten.

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