VTA mudinator®

VTA mudinator®

Ultrasonic treatment for improved dewatering

Ultraschallbehandlung zur besseren Schlammentwässerung

The mudinator® achieves a change in the sludge structure with low energy input.

With VTA mudinator®, the sludge is treated with ultrasound immediately before polymer addition. Its main features include its low energy requirement. And no disintegration occurs.
The sludge is changed in its structure and so the subsequent polymer experiences a better charge balance. As a result a more stable flake is created and consequently a better drainage of the digested sludge is achieved.
In combination with dosing VTA biocitran® into the digested sludge - prior to treatment with ultrasound - synergy effects are a logical order. The digested sludge can be effectively dewatered and the consumption of polymer can be even more reduced.


After a 3-year work in research and development, the latest innovation VTA mudinator® has been brought to life. Based on the long experience with ultrasound in the patented disintegration process (GSD), VTA mudinator® has been developed.


Polymer can be more effective

Ultrasound is used to treat sludge also in this method. Compared to disintegration, the cell structures in the sludge are not broken up, because the frequencies are different and the used energy is lower. However, the sludge structure changes so that an optimal charge balance is generated while adding the polymer. The so formed shear-stable flocs facilitate sludge dewatering. Conditioning in VTA mudinator® occurs immediately before the addition of the polymer, which makes it much more effective.


Powerful combination

VTA mudinator® is particularly successful when combined with the new VTA Biocitran®, a "turbo" for ultrasonic treatment. The product, inspired by the citrate cycle, ensures a stable and increased purifying performance, is biologically fully compatible and guarantees safe and rapid phosphate precipitation. VTA Biocitran® consists of a combination precipitant and bioactivator that results in higher C and N degradation through cell stimulation, providing enhanced dewatering properties, more stable flocs and an extremely clear, clean centrate or filtrate.


Enormous savings potential

The result: the dry substance is increased by up to 5%, the charge back of the system is reduced. The polymer consumption can be decreased by up to 30%. Last but not least, the new technology also saves costs in terms of sludge transport for recycling or disposal because much less water flows around the area.


VTA mudinator® can be used at any wastewater treatment plant where sludge is dewatered. All in all, annual savings of several hundred thousand euros can be expected on a medium-size facility.

The sludge is treated with ultrasound immediately prior to polymer addition.

Very low energy input - no disintegration occurs.

The sludge structure is modified, resulting in improved charge balance with the following polymer.

The result is a more stable and shear-resistant floc which results in better dewatering.

VTA mudinator® in combination with VTA Biocitran®

New standards are also set by the combination of the two innovative products. Effective sludge dewatering can be even more easily achieved with the use of VTA Biocitran®.


Synergy effects can be achieved if VTA Biocitran® is introduced into the digested sludge by ultrasound (before preconditioning).


The result: Effective dewatering of digested sludge and reduced or constant consumption of polymer.

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