VTA Water technology

Water technology solutions from VTA

Individuell und maßgeschneidert

Because water matters!

Water is a vital resource – no life without water. Water is also an indispensable raw material and essential for numerous production processes of trade and industry, for cooling, heating and many more purposes. However, water is not in infinite supply, and therefore it is of paramount importance that we handle this vital resource gently – for economic reasons and for the benefit of our environment.
We are your one-stop shop for customised systems. VTA has established an excellent Reputation for its innovative ideas, responsible management of resources and state-of-the-art technology.
Our engineering know-how ensures functional and individualised solutions for all types of water-carrying systems. We employ the most advanced production engineering in Austria and use only components of renowned manufacturers. It goes without saying that our service does not stop once the plant has been built: We are always at your side, offering professional (preventive) maintenance Services and ongoing expert consulting.
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