VTA MicroTurbine

VTA MicroTurbine

Clean, efficient, low-maintenance: power from biogas

VTA has revolutionized the co-generation of heat and power in sewage plants by introducing the MicroTurbine™.

This innovative unit from the manufacturer Capstone opens up wholly new possibilities for the meaningful use of biogas, from both an economic and an ecological point of view.
With sizes of 30, 65 and 200 kWel, the turbines are suited to sewage plants of every size. Low maintenance costs, extremely low exhaust gas and noise emissions, and low sensitivity to variable gas quality are decisive plus points for the MicroTurbine in comparison to block-type thermal power stations. The systems are compact, tried and tested, and absolutely reliable.
Micro Turbines can be integrated into existing plant operations without any difficulty and can be installed both inside and outside buildings.

MicroTurbines were first developed for the turbocharger and aircraft industry. As in accessory drives in aeroplanes, power is generated through a high-speed permanent magnet generator coupled without interfacing circuitry to a mechanical drive. Maintenance free air bearings completely do away with the need for lubricants.

Combustion air enters the MicroTurbine through the generator, cools it in the process and is compressed to about 4 bar in the compressor. Fuel is introduced into the combustion chamber and ignited. Hot combustion gases expand into the turbine and drive the compressor and the generator. Thanks to recuperator technology (preheating of air by hot exhaust gases), electrical efficiencies of 26 to 33% can be achieved.

The permanent magnet is located directly on the drive shaft of the turbine, so that the generator operates at the same rotational speed as the turbine (up to 96,000 rotations per minute). The high-frequency alternating current (1600 Hz) generated is rectified in the turbine’s electronics and its polarity subsequently reversed again to alternating current (50 Hz / 400 V). No autonomous frequency regulation is called for, the desired frequency is delivered by the network. This ensures that the turbine always operates synchronously with the network.

low maintenance costs and no operating material

long service life and high availability (service interval: 8000 operating hours)

extremely low emissions and is suitable for biogas with low methane content

electronic gears and has no external synchronization unit needed

can be operated in isolation

partial load capacity of 0 to 100 %

no vibrations (structure-borne noise, buildings)

exhaust gas temperatures of around 300°C and can be used for co-generation of power and heat
(or cooling)

various fuels can be used (sewage gas, biogas, natural gas, liquefied gas, heating oil, kerosene)

The areas of use of the VTA MicroTurbine are power-heat connection for the generation of heat and power and connection of an absorption refrigerating system.

The methane content must lie between 30% and 100%.

Thanks to recuperator technology, electrical system efficiencies of 26% to 33% can be achieved.

The MicroTurbine starts up using power from the network, then synchronises itself, and delivers the same power as the network during operations.

Capstone MicroTurbines generate a three-phase current at 400 V 50 Hz.

The MicroTurbine can be altered in many ways to serve as a standby unit.

A service interval of 8000 operating hours or 1 x per year is recommended for the MicroTurbine (compressor unit every 4000 operating hours).

The MicroTurbine can be set up outdoors without any difficulty.

Die Emissionen der MicroTurbine sind extrem gering, da sie -im Gegensatz zu Industriegasturbinen - mit höheren Luftüberschüssen (Lambda 6-8) und relativ geringem Brennkammerdruck betrieben wird. Das senkt die die Brennkammertemperaturen (800-900 °C) und bewirkt somit geringe NOx-Emissionen (<10 ppm bezogen auf 15 % O2), die mit keiner vergleichbaren Technologie erreicht werden.
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