10th dex summer school 2019

10th dex summer school


30th June to 5th July, 2019

Water Quality Management


Prof. Dr.-Ing. N. Dichtl

Prof. Dr. Th. Ertl

Prof. Dr.-Ing. F.-B. Frechen

Prof. Dr.-Ing. F.W. Günthert

Prof. Dr.-Ing. N. Jardin

Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Krampe

Prof. Dr. techn. H. Kroiss

Prof. Dr. techn. N. Matsché

Prof. Dr.-Ing. K.-H. Rosenwinkel

Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Wichern 



VTA Austria GmbH


4681 Rottenbach, Austria






German Experts Association for Environmental Technology and Infrastructure


Goals of dex summer school

Transfer of scientific background, advanced knowledge and actual experience on methodologies and technologies for water quality management as it is required to implement European water legislation (Water Framework Directive), supported by new scientific research results. Progress in this transdisciplinary field of expertise relies on acommon professional language which will promote international networking of (young) water professionals and enhance teamwork.



The dex summer school started in 2009 and was successfully continued since then with more than 200 young water professionals from 15 countries. The 2019 program follows the strategy of maintaining basic lectures enriched with new topics of interest. All teachers are internationally well recognised academics with long term scientific and practical experience in the field of their lectures and beyond: A unique opportunity. The content of the course includes: advanced scientific background, state-of-the-art technology, experiences and practical aspects for the design and operation of sewer systems, waste water treatment plants, sludge treatment and energy management.



Post-graduate and doctoral students (civil/environmental engineering or related), young water professionals from consulting companies, utilities and equipment suppliers from all over the world. Special emphasis on young professionals from the new EU member states and accession countries in Eastern Europe.

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