VTA Group

VTA Group

VTA – The abbreviation stands for “Verfahrens Technologische Abwasseraufbereitung”, meaning “wastewater processing driven by process engineering”. It also stands for a globally successful Austrian company that sets new standards in wastewater and environmental technologies with its innovative and technically advanced products. The company's top priorities are eco-friendliness and economic efficiency.

The VTA group of companies has branch offices in Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland and employs approximately 150 people, 45 of whom work at its main office in Rottenbach (Upper Austria).

VTA Expertise

More than 2000 operators of municipal and private wastewater treatment plants throughout Europe and beyond place their trust in VTA’s expertise. They are supported by highly qualified VTA specialists, such as materials processing engineers and biologists. The company's main markets are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the Benelux countries, Italy, France and Portugal, as well as Poland, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Algeria, the Middle East (Arab Emirates), and South Korea.

Satisfied customers. Worldwide.

Eco-technology from VTA is in demand worldwide, from Spain to Russia, North Africa to South Korea. If you are interested in our work, please request a list of our current reference projects: vta@vta.cc or +43 7732 4133.

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