Business Divisions

VTA system products

Bespoke solutions for optimising the operation of water treatment plants and reducing odours in sewage systems. VTA offers highly effective, entirely biocompatible products for wastewater treatment and sludge processing (including the use of nanotechnology), together with scientific analysis and first-rate advice.

VTA technology

Innovative technology for maximum economy and energy efficiency in water treatment plants. The patented ultrasonic countercurrent disintegration process (GSD) reduces the volume of sludge to be processed and increases production of sewage gas. The VTA's micro turbine uses this gas to generate environmentally- and climate-friendly power and heating.

VTA Solar Systems

Using the power of the sun is for cool customers. Photovoltaic modules made by VTA Solar Systems convert energy from the sun into electrical power - effectively, reliably, and with unparalleled cost efficiency.

EURODOS Dosiertechnik

State-of-the-art dosing and solution preparation systems for polymers. Eurodos systems are impressive for their innovation, accuracy, efficiency and operational reliability.